From RN to OBM
Purpose. Family. Impact. Love. Health.
These are my core values that drive what I do.
I've had an interest in health and wellness most of my life, which contributed to my decision to become a nurse when I chose my career out of high school.

After 10 years of nursing, I decided it was time to hang up my nurse's hat and explore other options in my life. I have a curiosity that drives me to explore new things. This led me to work online where I had an eBay store for a while, and later I created a health blog called Aroma Mama. 

Along my blogging journey, I became relentless about learning everything there was to know about working as a digital marketer, and that is when I stumbled upon Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels.

I'm a proud member of Two Comma Club X and have the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs that stay on the cutting edge of the marketing industry.

Also, I've become a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) to be more productive in helping entrepreneurs in their business operations.
 DiSC Profile

SC (primarily S)

I am patient, detail-oriented, adaptive, supportive, consistent and work well with people. A DiSC profile of DI can benefit the most from my help.
 Kolbe A Index


I'm a natural when it comes to gathering information and implementing systems. I compliment entrepreneurs that are quick to start and need help with systems.
 Top 5 CliftonStrengths

Input, Harmony, Belief, Empathy, Developer

I use these strengths to help people by sharing what I learn, listening well, and believing in people's capabilities.
How I Can Help You
Through a journey of self-discovery, I came to understand that I have several gifts that I had yet to use online.

I have a knack for high-performance, leadership, and a hunger to help people be successful. I started to help entrepreneurs with their performance, marketing, and business operations as a result.

I help health and heart-centered entrepreneurs through a 3-step process:

1. Clarity and Focus where we start with a Strategic Business Intensive.
2. Build and Design where we create or optimize a sales funnel.
3. Grow and Scale with hiring an OBM so you get the support you need in your business.

If you really want to live out your mission, purpose, and impact, let's talk.
What I Do
Regardless of where you are in your business, there is always room for growth. 
Strategic Business intensive
Want to work with me? A Strategic Business Intensive is the best place to start.
funnel building & design
Do you need a sales funnel or a re-design? I build funnels with ClickFunnels software.
Projects & management
Do you need a Project Manager, Integrator or Business Manager? Services start at $4K.
Video Proof
As a member of Two Comma Club X, I collaborate in masterminds and work with impact-driven entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of the marketing industry.
On Social


• Bachelors of Science in Nursing
• Two Comma Club X Member
• ASK Method Masterclass Graduate
• Certified Marketing Strategist
• Certified Social Media Strategist
• The OBM Certification
• And much, much more!


• My first job during high school was as a caregiver at a retirement home
• I got hired on the spot for a summer job during college at McDonald's where I was offered three promotions in a couple of months from hire and was asked to quit nursing school to stay on as a manager
• Worked as a registered nurse for 10 years where most of those years I was a charge nurse 
• Had an eBay store
• Founded a health blog
• Founded a blog about blogging 
• Started working as a VP of Marketing and Integrator in 2019 
• Started as a High Performance Coach in 2019
• Started as a Marketing Consultant in 2019


• I grew up in Portland, Oregon
• Met my husband in college 
• Mom of two girls and a boy
• My favorite coffee drink is a Caramel Macchiato
• I love high-performance, systems, and productivity
• I am an extrovert and love connecting with people online, primarily through Facebook
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