As a Certified Director of Operations, Online Business Manager, Launch Manager, and Funnel Strategist, I help coaches and course creators with Marketing and Operations for data-driven decision-making and higher profit margins!


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Meet Stephanie

My core values that drive what I do…
Do all things with love.
Gratitude always.
Live in congruence with my beliefs and values.
Respect myself and others in thoughts and actions.
Learn through experience.
Hi, Stephanie here!

I’m a former registered nurse turned Marketing Ops and Launch Specialist. I’m known for helping people to reach their goals through accountability and gaining momentum through taking action. Being coachable and open communication are key to a successful partnership with me.

My clients tell me all the time that they are so good at helping others, but it’s hard to do it for themselves. Like my clients, you may be too in the weeds or need a sounding board to gain clarity and take action. You have a lot of people to help through your message so I am here to make sure that happens.


I hold several certifications for online business excellence which represents my commitment to support coaches and course creators at the highest level.

What I Do

Interested in how I can help your business? I offer service packages, VIP Days, and consulting. Click on “Get Started” so we can chat about your business.

service packages

Do you want me to join your team as a contractor? Let’s talk to see how I can support you.

vip days

A VIP Day is a great fit when you need a short burst of support to move a project forward.


If you need a strategic partner to bounce ideas and have accountability, let’s talk.

Client Love

I’ve worked behind the scenes to help grow and scale 5, 6 and 7-figure businesses. Visit the Testimonials page to hear from some of my clients.



She is my rock when it comes to my business.

“If you’re like me, and the thought of actually going through with charging for your online services paralyzes you, then you NEED Stephanie! Not only does she know how to eliminate those limiting beliefs, but she also will help you sell yourself and get what it is you’re really worth!

She is my rock when it comes to my business; she has helped me overcome the toughest mental hurdles. We all need a coach to help us get out of our own way, and Stephanie is the ultimate integrator, guiding you into changing the entire trajectory of your business.

When you hire Stephanie, mark that date down…because that was the turning point that is going to change your life.”



Thanks so much, Stephanie, for always being supportive and understanding.

Stephanie is like a rock – no matter what I throw at her, she’s unflappable. She’s always calm and calms me; I know she will figure out whatever I need.

Thanks so much, Stephanie, for always being supportive and understanding. It means more to me than I will ever be able to explain.”